JBAR about
50mm x 2mm commercial grade steel tube
10mm plates attached directly to the chassis
Modified bolt locks prevent theft
CNC mandrel bender
CO2 MIG welded
Durable satin black powder coat finish suitable for all vehicle colours
Improved night visibility - reflective decal from Grade 3100 reflective vinyl
Manufactured by an NCRS approved auto body builder member; customers include Mercedes-Benz, Pabar, SAPS
Jbar was started by Mat Symanowitz in 2018

Mat is a chartered accountant that came out of the taxi industry.

Being head of business development at SA Taxi Finance, Mat started Zebra Cabs, built the largest panel beater in the Southern Hemisphere and created SA Taxi's parts salvage business.

"We needed to find a solution to protect Ubers and metered taxi's. These cars are on the road for long periods, drivers get tired, they are looking at their phones while driving and they are driving in unfamiliar places. The result is too many accidents and once a taxi is off the road for repair it cannot earn income which is a problem. So we developed a solution 'bull bars for cars'." --- and so Jbar was born.

"We have worked with the manufacturer and insurance companies to develop a product that looks good and will protect your car and engine."

"We can now provide a cost effective solution to a real problem."

"One of the benefits of Jbar is that because we work with insurance companies in developing our products we can provide discounted insurance to small business owners that really need it."